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Machine Servicing & Repairs

We service nationwide!

We stock parts to keep your downtime to a minimum. We can come to you to service and repair.

Contact us via phone or email as listed above.

Machine Parts

We ship nationwide!

We keep essential parts in stock and can order in anything else. 

Contact us via phone or email as listed above.

Delivery, Setup & Training 

Available nationwide!

We come to you to deliver and set up your new Gammill when you purchase from us.

We’ll also provide the necessary training to get you going.

Contact us via phone or email as listed above.

Statler Retrofit

We service nationwide!

Turn your Gammill Quilting Machine into a Statler with our Statler Retrofit.

The Statler is Gammill’s computerized machine, utilizing cutting-edge software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design. Available with a 22, 26 or 30-inch Gammill-quality machine head, a Statler gives you the flexibility of hands-free quilting. With exceptional features, the latest in quilting innovations, lifetime mechanical warranty, free software upgrades, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why Statler by Gammill® is the choice of experienced quilters everywhere.


System Includes

Gammill longarm quilting machine

Computer and monitor

Statler CreativeStudio® software

More than 1,000 digitized patterns, including 370 designer patterns

Sturdy all-steel table

LED light fixture with black light

Servo System, which drives the sewing head with speed, accuracy, and precision

Multifunctional keypad

Toll-free technical support

Elevate Retrofit

For existing Gammill Vision, Vision 2.0 and Plus Machines*

Turn your Gammill Quilting Machine into a Elevate with our Elevate Retrofit.

The Elevate™ is an entry-level computerized quilting system for Gammill machines. Quickly place, edit and quilt edge-to-edge and block patterns with the Elevate’s easy-to-use tablet.

Elevate Features

  • Edge-to-Edge
  • Block Patterns
  • Create Boundaries
  • Reposition
  • Resize
  • Nudge
  • Auto Fit
  • Rotate
  • Delete
  • Flip
  • Import
  • Repeat Patterns
  • Pattern Tags
  • Motion Control Software
  • Thread Break Tracking
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Zoom
  • Stitch in the Ditch
  • Live Preview

*The Elevate can be installed on a Vision, a Vision 2.0 or a Plus (stitch-regulated) Machine. If installing the Elevate on an 18-inch Premier Plus, it must have a Breeze track or a Breeze track upgrade must be added along with the Elevate.  The Elevate can be purchased as a retrofit for an existing machine or purchased in combination with a Vision 2.0 for a complete quilting system.

Breeze Enhancement Kit

For older Gammill Vision and Statler models. 

Upgrade your older Gammill Vision or Statler to take advatange of the handling and smoothness offered on the newest Gammill machines.

Contact us via phone or email as listed above.


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