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Whether you’re a first time quilter or a seasoned pro, Lesley from Quarryburn Quilting fully understands the time and energy that goes in to completing a quilt top, and you can rest assured that your precious quilt is in very safe hands. And, she will provide you with only the best advice and guidance on how to achieve your desired result.

Here are her top tips for preparing your quilt for machine quilting:

  • There is no need to pin or baste the layers together as the machine’s rollers take care of keeping the quilt straight and flat.
  • Allow at least four extra inches (10.2cms) on all sides for the backing and batting. This is very important!
  • Remove any loose threads from the top surface.
  • Don’t include selvedges in backing seam.
  • Think about what backing fabric you will put with your quilt. Remember that the top of your quilt will decide the colour of the quilting thread. To avoid eyelash thread play on the back the same thread colour is often used in the bobbin. The back can look garish if the backing is very light or dark compared to the front.
  • It is nice to have the back looking as good as the front, so you can turn it over to prevent sun bleaching. So the choice of backing and patterns used are just as important.
  • Choose the batting or wadding for your quilt carefully. Consider the intended use of the quilt.
  • Polyester is a good all round wadding that accommodates repeated washing e.g. baby’s quilts.
  • Wool is good for warmth and light weight. However, requires careful laundering.
  • Cotton is good for warmth in winter and is cool in summer. It gives an antique or flat look to the quilt but also requires careful laundering.
  • Blends of cotton and polyester and cotton and wool are also available.
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