As Gammill trained owners and quilter’s ourselves, we would love to help you realise your dream to own a Gammill. We have a range of demonstration models in-store ready for you to come and see how much fun it really is to quilt on a Gammill or Statler. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us via email

The Statler by Gammill®

Our long-lasting, dependable, quality machines allow you to spend more time quilting. The Statler by Gammill® utilizes cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design. The Statler® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days. Available with a 22, 26, 30 or 36-inch Gammill-quality machine head, a Statler® gives you the flexibility of hands-free quilting. With exceptional features, the latest in quilting innovations, lifetime mechanical warranty, free software upgrades, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why Statler by Gammill® is the choice of experienced quilters everywhere.

Statler Features

  • Durable cast aluminum and steel machine head
  • All-steel, industrial grade table with Gammill Breeze® Track System
  • Power assist to easily move the machine head
  • Stitch-Regulation in automated and hand-guided modes
  • Auto-restart for thread breaks or bobbin run outs
  • Interactive measuring function
  • Long-lasting steel bearings
  • 360 degree channel locks
  • Advanced thread break sensor
  • Large M size bobbin
  • Front or rear laser with electronically adjustable intensity
  • Built-in diagnostic system
  • On-board bobbin winder

VISION 2.0 26

Our long-lasting, dependable, quality machines allow you to spend more time quilting. Easy-to-use, touch-screen controls and the latest in stitching technology, combined with proven reliability, make Gammill® the choice of beginners, seasoned quilters, hobbyists, and professionals alike. With exceptional features, sturdy, die-cast aluminum sewing head, lifetime mechanical warranty, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why quilters have been choosing Gammill® for more than 30 years. Contact your local dealer today to try a Gammill® and experience the difference.

Touch-Screen Control

10.1” touch-screen tablet with swivel mount

Four Stitching Modes

Stitch Regulate, Coast Regulate, Constant, Baste

My Stitch™ Buttons

Four programmable handle buttons, program with a touch of the screen, save your favorite modes and settings for instant electronic access

  • Single stitch
  • Needle position
  • Start/Stop stitching
  • Automatic tie-off mode
  • Adjust speed/stitches per inch up or down
  • Horizontal and vertical channel lock

Sturdy Head and Table

Durable cast aluminum and steel machine head, all-steel, industrial grade table with pivotal access (22-10 and larger), Gammill Breeze® Track System and long-lasting steel bearings.

VISION 2.0 22

The Gammill Vision® 2.0  22-10 is recommended for the professional quilter or those quilting as a business. The Vision 22 model delivers a brilliant combination of efficient size and outstanding value!

Standard Features

  • Stitch Regulation
  • Constant Speed
  • Coast Regulation
  • Basting Stitch
  • Andriod App Interface
  • Diagnostic System
  • Gammill Breeze Track System
  • Electronic Needle Positioner & Single Stitch
  • Horizontal & Vertical Channel Locks
  • Double Capacity Bobbin
  • On-Board Bobbin Winder
  • Adjustable Laser Light
  • LED Light Fixture (w/Black Light)
  • 10’ or 12’ Home-Pro Stand (V18 model only)
  • 12’ Pivotal Access All-Steel Stand (V22, V26 & V30 models)

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